Welcome to the AFP Central Florida Chapter Mentoring Program

Welcome to the AFP Central Florida Chapter Mentoring Program. This program has been designed for members who are seeking to be mentored by a seasoned professional in the fundraising field.  The Mentoring Program will enable the Mentee to have access to an experienced fundraiser matched up to their area of interest.  Are you looking to change the field within which you are fundraising?  Do you need Planned Giving advice?  Is you Annual Fund stagnant and you would like new ideas to implement?  All of these can be answered by your Mentor.

The program is not intended to provide free consulting services, but rather a way to have a professional fundraiser guide and advise you on challenges in your field as well as encourage you in your career.  Please read and follow the simple and short instructions below.


How the Program works


For Mentees


Step 1:   Complete the Mentee application and return it with your resume to mail@afpcentralflorida.org.  The Mentor Chair will then contact you with information on the available Mentors for you to proceed. It is the Mentee’s responsibility to follow up with their Mentor, set up a schedule for regular meetings and commit to completing a 1 year relationship with their Mentor.  The Mentor Chair, listed under the Board of Directors, should be contacted for any questions.


For Mentors


If you are interested in being a mentor  please submit your resume to mail@afpcentralflorida.org to be submitted to the Mentor Chair.

You will be contacted by the Mentor Chair to discuss your areas of expertise and current field of fundraising.  Once matched with a mentee it will be up to the mentee to make the first contact.  Please respond as quickly as possible to a request from a mentee to let them know your availability.


Mentee Application