Silver Anniversary Celebration

Past Presidents of the AFP
Central Florida Chapter


1983 Jim Donovan
1984 Brooke Sadler
1985 Emma Lee Twitchell, CFRE
1986 Jack Fortes
1987-88 Mark Glickman, CFRE
1989-90 Ron Carroll, CFRE†
1991 Bob Kovacevich
1992-93 Chris Jepson
1994 Brent Hinton
1995 Jim Donovan
1996 Larry Ogle, CFRE
1997 John Riddle
1998 Izzie Berkson
1999 Terry Knox, CFRE
2000 Lisa Hicks, CFRE
2000 Greg Higgerson, CFRE
2001 Robert Kinney †
2002-03 Sherry Abbott
2004 Gary Good, CFRE
2005-06 Bernadine Douglas, CFRE
2007 Neil Dentzer
2008 Eric Welch, CFRE
2009 Gary A. Brewer, CFRE
2010 Lisa Blackwelder, IOM
2011 Marilyn Hattaway, CFRE
2012 Todd W. Ruopp
2013 Lauren Nelson, MNM
2014 Donna Marino, MBA, CFRE
2015 Dan Samuels
2016 Valerie Mardle
2017 Mary Lee Walker, CFRE

2018 Kyle Johnson

2019 Ashley Hickman Samuels






Silver Anniversary Celebration

AFP Central Florida Chapters held it 25th Anniversary and Annual Meeting at the Citrus Club in downtown Orlando on December 5, 2007. Coordinators Larry Ogle and Neil Dentzer enlisted Bob Opsahl from WFTV 9 to serve as emcee. Jim Donovan spoke about the early years, Larry Ogle talked about the middle years and Bernadine Douglas commented about recent accomplishments.

Recognition was given to all the past presidents for leading the organization. Mr. Dentzer gave a State of the Chapter address. He praised the current board and members for achieving new heights. Incoming President, Eric Welch, announced the board for 2008.


Neil Dentzer, Bob Opsahl, Larry Ogle



Eric Welch, CFRE and Michael Slaymaker, MAHR
present outgoing President Neil Dentzer Orlando Magic tickets and stuff.     


Past Presidents Robert Kinney, Bernadine Douglas, CFRE, Terry Knox, CFRE, Bob Opsahl, Neil Dentzer, Greg Higgerson, CFRE, Jim Donovan, Chris Jepson, Lisa Hicks, CFRE,  Larry Ogle and Izzie Berkson.

In front Michael Slaymaker, MAHR and Eric Welch, CFRE.