Executive Director

Spina Bifida Association of Central Florida
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Position Summary The Executive Director of the Spina Bifida Association of Central Florida (SBACFL) position that reports to the SBACFL Board of Directors, and is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives, by implementing the policies, goals, priorities and procedures developed from time to time by the board.  It is anticipated that this position will be approximately 30 hours per week. The Executive Director’s responsibilities include the following: Fundraising Responsible for the solicitation of funds, in conjunction with the Board of Directors. Directs and coordinates fundraising campaigns, events, and grant writing, as directed by the Board of Directors. Programs Oversees the Program Director and all program activities. Responsible for overall program effectiveness, growth and evaluation, special project objectives, and innovative, developmental program efforts. Board of Directors Involvement Attends all board meetings and selected committee meetings. Reports to Board on all Chapter activity. Public Relations and Communications Interprets Chapter programs, policies, and practices to the community. Represents the Chapter through membership in selected community organizations and through attendance at key community events. Consults with cooperating governmental agencies, private businesses, other non-profit organizations, and individuals. Initiates advocacy and public relations programs to promote community understanding and support for both SBA and SBACFL objectives. Performs research in legal, political, and economic issues associated with Chapter programs and general activities. Fiscal Management and Control Operational accountability for all Chapter budgets, including annual, programs, capital improvement, and personnel budgets. Responsible for a balanced budget operation, for annual budget development, monthly budget monitoring and year-end forecasts of all Chapter programs. Complies with systems of financial control. Responsible for grant administration and reporting. Responsible for collecting, depositing, disbursing, or otherwise handling funds of the Chapter in accordance with the Chapter’s internal controls. Human Resources Management Employs and Supervises other employees (if applicable) authorized by the Board of Directors Utilizes comprehensive written personnel policies approved by the board. Develops position descriptions, performance standards, and training credential requirements. Hires staff in accordance with approved guidelines. Assists staff to meet the Chapter mission and requirements. Oversees office administration. Develops and supervises intern program in conjunction with local colleges and universities; foster the use of volunteers to assist in programmatic and administrative activities, as needed. Advocacy Advocates for services and policies that support those living with spina bifida, as well as their caregivers and families in the service regions, as well as on the state and national level, were appropriate. IDEAL EXPERIENCE Leadership or executive responsibility with a nonprofit organization, including a working relationship with a strong volunteer Board of Directors. Fundraising/development skills are essential - a solid experience in identifying, soliciting and administering contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations. Management skills and experience in planning, supervising and implementing programs. Management skills and experience in overseeing and providing direction for a professional staff (if applicable). Passion for advocacy and providing support services for those living with spina bifida, as well as their families and caregivers. Public affairs/public speaking experience is necessary. Knowledge of and experience with working with national organization is a plus. IDEAL PERSONAL PROFILE A passion for working with mission-driven organizations. Strong administrative ability to translate goals into action in a cost-effective manner. An innovative and entrepreneurial self-starter who works well without direct supervision and who can grow and strengthen a maturing organization. An individual with a firm understanding of current nonprofit management principles who can anticipate and implement new methods of funding Chapter activities. A creative thinker who can develop, communicate and implement a vision and a plan for the Chapter’s growth. An individual who is both a strategic and a tactical thinker, who can develop appropriate long-range plans for the Board's approval and then execute appropriate programs. An individual who can make effective use of the members of the Board while providing necessary support to them. An excellent communicator who can present effectively the Chapter goals and programs to prospective donors and to the public. A consensus-builder who can work with diverse individuals and groups to achieve the Chapter’s mission and provid